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If you are not familiar with the Monkeyspeak layout then here are some articles on Furcadia's Dreagonspeak which is what Monkeyspeak is based on:
Monkeyspeak is designed to be used with any project you can put your mind to. You can even use it in a ASP.Net web project! Or Silverlight (Note: You would have to compile it as a Silverlight assembly). Or Xbox360 and Windows Phone 7!!! I'm sure you could even get it to work with Mono Android and Mono IPhone/IPad.


MonkeyspeakEngine parses a Monkeyspeak script and returns a Page
Page handles the TriggerHandlers added
TriggerHandler delegates that are assigned to Triggers and Executed by Page(s)
Trigger similar to "functions", are used to store information used in the execution of a TriggerHandler

Getting Started | The Engine

Start your engines! Or just ONE engine is all you need. But you could have more if you wanted.

Everything starts with the MonkeyspeakEngine object. Lets get started and make one.
Monkeyspeak.MonkeyspeakEngine engine = new Monkeyspeak.MonkeyspeakEngine();
What we are doing here is creating a MonkeyspeakEngine instance and that is all.

MonkeyspeakEngine has Options that let you configure some of the symbols in the language itself!
For example if I wanted to make all Strings start and end with " and " instead of the Default { and }
engine.Options.StringBegin = '\"';
engine.Options.StringEnd = '\"';

Or I wanted to make the variable declaration symbol % become &
engine.Options.VariableSymbol = '&';

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